Makerspace - Grade 1

Course Overview

SKOOL21 offers STEM learning for our learners aged 5 to 7. Using magnetic structure building and marble run challenges, learners solve challenging mathematical problems of time, measurement, number operations, geometry and ordinal and whole numbers to practically implement mathematics through projects. The course is aligned with the mathematics curriculum taught in the class. The only difference is that now in this course, the knowledge is more hands-on and practical, which engages the learners and develops 21st-century skills.

Course Outline

  • Whole Numbers
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Compare and Order Numbers
  • Patterns
  • Measurement of Length
  • Measurement of Mass
  • Time
  • Position
  • 21st Century Skills Development

Each workshop duration: 90 mins

No. of projects: 10 workshops

Age group: 5 to 7 years

Curriulum: Grade 1 National Curriculum Certification: Optional

Course Outcome

STEM Resource Book used in the course offers STEM challenges aligned with mathematics national curriculum objectives. It develops learners’ communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity as they are challenged to design and build solutions based on their mathematics learning in their class. Therefore, this course offers learners an opportunity to have a practical learning experience and reinforces their classroom learning through hands-on. Additionally, STEM projects are developed based on the 8-rubrics of, which enables the learner to develop 21st-century skills and engineering design thinking and empowers the learner to use technology to derive the solution. Reviewed

The Reviewed™ Trustmark authenticates the STEM Resource Book grade 1 content to conform to the organization’s STEM standards. The content:

  • Integrate seamlessly into STEM programs
  • Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards
  • Support the development of student’s 21st Century Skills
  • Engage students through hands-on learning and collaboration
  • Ensure a secure, third-party review and evaluation process
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