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SKOOL21 got accreditation from for STEM teaching and learning. also delegated the directorship for SAARC to CE SKOOL21 Syed Munawar Shah.

About is the longest continually-operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. Since 2001, its leadership has assisted with key initiatives that have been critical to the overall growth and proliferation of the movement, including early work on the 2005 STEM Congressional Caucus. Its team demonstrates the best in pedagogics / andragogic, supporting the world’s top brands, organizations and thousands of educators globally.

Director for SAARC Region

Syed Munawar Shah

Shah is an educationist having 36 years of rich experience in the education sector, with a leadership position as a Chairman QPSP (Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan) associated with PIQC Pakistan Institute of Quality Control. He is founding member and Chief Executive of SKOOL21; an educational Company working on STEM Education in Pakistan.

Director for SAARC Region

Megan Wetzel

Director (USA)

Gavin McLean

Director (Oceania)

Vishwesh Chavan

Director (Eurasia)

Navaneeth Rahul

Director (BRICS)

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Has the STEM rigor of your school or organization been thoroughly vetted? We'll assess it.

Does your book, video, or curriculum promote STEM and want feedback? We'll validate it.

Are you interested in STEM education and want to build your knowledge base? We'll assist you.

Does your toy, game, or gadget embody STEM and want some recognition? We'll endorse
it. AccreditedTM

By becoming accredited, Engineering for Kids gains credibility by being recognized by a reputable organization. Our programs passed their requirements, so those considering them can now rest easy knowing their child is receiving high-quality experiences.

The main aspect that makes our programs of high quality is how our educators always add a unique spin that turns the trip into a lesson for a valuable skill. Additionally, now that our programs are accredited, our programs are recognized as teaching valuable skills with appropriate access to technology and social interactions. We can teach kids the important lessons they need to know without being just another school. After all, we’re not just another school—our lessons center around after-school activities or for those home-schooled. In other words, are lessons are more fun! ReviewedTM is a trusted reviewer of STEM books, curriculum, multimedia and other learning resources. Each item is now cryptographically-secured and content creators are using the terminology Reviewed™ on their websites and third-party distribution pages like Amazon.

Winning consumer confidence resulting in, increased market share and consumers’ ability to identify the content that conforms to standards, thus making quick decisions in favor of quality (i.e., for STEM product end cap applications, STEM product online retail pages and digital/ print circular STEM learning features).

The content bearing trust marks is presented with a better image in both national and international markets resulting into: mutual recognition where creators value each other’s content thus easing acceptance and promotion of it; and safeguarding the image and reputation of the author, publisher, content creator and/ or distributor. CertifiedTM Educational Research™ provides the leading and most affordable STEM education credentialing pathway for both informal educators (i.e., mentors, camp/after school instructors, etc.) and formal K-12 classroom educators. Our award-winning, online training program carefully studies curriculum standards and the latest in STEM pedagogy. Certified™ Online provides participants with practical, classroom-tested, activities and resources to help them build sustainable STEM initiatives in virtually any environment, along with information about vetted Authenticated™ products.


For Formal and Informal Educators

  • Access 1,000+ pages of editable K-12 STEM lessons
  • Earn a digitally-encrypted employment credential
  • Expand the STEM competency level of your students
  • Connect with a global, alumni base of STEM educators
  • Share your accomplishment on social media AuthenticatedTM is the leading and exclusive third-party validator of STEM toys, games and other learning resources. Each product credential is now cryptographically-secured and retailers like Staples, Inc. are using the terminology Authenticated™ on their websites under the specifications tab. Retailers and distributors are also utilizing’s unique STEM ID#’s to organize and classify STEM products.

The Authenticated™ trustmark streamlines consumer’s ability to identify goods that conform to the organization’s vetted standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality. When parents and educators observe the Authenticated™ Seal, they know products will:

  • Integrate seamlessly into STEM friendly homes and programs
  • Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standards
  • Support the development of student’s 21st Century Skills
  • Engage students through hands-on learning and collaboration
  • Ensure a secure, third-party review and evaluation process
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