A contribution towards STEM education in Pakistan

STEM is a mindset which our learners need to develop to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

A contribution towards a prosperous economy through STEM education

Welcome to SKOOL21

SKOOL21 is the first education company to integrate STEM and hybrid learning with the national curriculum. To achieve a quality learning experience for learners starting at an early age. Learners with problem-solving and maker mindsets are what Pakistan’s economy needs to leap prosperity and excellence.

Our Services is the longest continually-operating STEM education research and credentialing organization in America.

Makerspace at SKOOL21 is a place where learners can make things. It’s a place for hands-on learning with all the tools for creativity.

The SKOOL21 Hybrid Learning is an educational model where learners attain learning online and reinforce it through hybrid learning workbooks offline.

This initiative of SKOOL21 is to develop a maker mindset through makerspace and hybrid learning programs in an after-school academy setting.

Our History


Research & Development

A research and development team was formulated to research on the school of today


Partnership with Gigo Hub Taiwan

SKOOL21 partnered with Gigohub Taiwan for STEM Toolkits to leverage them in the execution of STEM teaching and learning.


Corporate Partnership with

SKOOL21 got accreditation from for STEM teaching and learning. also delegated the directorship for SAARC to CE SKOOL21 Syed Munawar Shah



As a response to the COVID-19 SKOOL21 realized that online classes via zoom, WhatsApp etc. are not engaging enough for learners to have a fulfilling learning experience. Therefore, SKOOL21 partnered with Kids Academy and Learning Port to offer interaction and animation to the learner.


STEM Resource Book Series

SKOOL21 through its research process a makerspace solution for schools and after schools academies aligned with the National Curriculum of Pakistan


Hybrid Learning

To enable quality and engaging learning environment SKOOL21 introduced hybrid learning solution for learners from Pre-K to grade 3 where an e-learning platform offers interactive learning and workbook series reinforce the learning

Meet Our Leadership

CE SKOOL21 Mr. Syed Munawar Shah, an eminent educationist with 38 years’ experience in the field of education management, Chairmanship of QPSP(Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan) and a director of for the SAARC region. He is the founder of Alfajar foundation, a not-for-profit blood transfusion organization.

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Our Education Philosophy

We at SKOOL21 believe that every child is unique and different from any other individual or let say even members of the same intimate family are different from one another. It is a universal fact that every other dissimilar person has some specific objectives and long-term goals in life. 

Numbers Matching Class

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2-3 years


Paper Plates

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1-2 years


Create Egg Cartoon

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2-4 years


Cooking Fun

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1-3 years


Super Colors

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0-3 years


Learning Disciplines

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2-3 years


Our Programs



Grade 1

Grade 2

Meet our teachers

Syed Shawal

Active Learning Teacher

Fayyaz Alam

Sport Teacher

Khalil ur Rehman

Music Teacher

Zainab Bahadur

Art Teacher

Syed Ali Ghawas

Active Learning Teacher

Syed Ali Ghawas

Sport Teacher


Music Teacher


Art Teacher


Active Learning Teacher

Younas Khan

Sport Teacher

Syed Ali Ghawas

Music Teacher


Art Teacher

Plaza #10 Road A, Phase 7, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi/Islamabad

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