Introducing the STEM Resource Book Series, a curated journey from Pre-K to Grade 8, designed to instill technological literacy and promote global citizenship. Each grade level corresponds with a stage of the Industrial Revolution, making learning relevant and exciting.

Beginning with foundational concepts in Pre-K and Kindergarten, we transition to mechanics in Grades 1-2, electronics in Grades 3-4, and programming in Grade 5. For Grades 6-8, we explore app development, 3D design, and Arduino projects, aligning with cutting-edge tech trends.

Every project across the series is linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, connecting classroom learning to global real-world issues. The STEM Resource Book Series, therefore, is more than a set of textbooks – it’s a passport to the future of education.

STEM Resource Series
Structure of the Program
STEM Lesson Rubrics
  • Aligned to Grade-Level Standards.
  • Next Generation Science Standards.
  • National Curriculum of England.
  • ISTE Student Standards.
  • Common Core Mathematics.
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Integrates Sustainable Development Global Goals
  • STEM-Related Career Connections
  • Addresses Authentic Challenges
  • Encourages Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Uses the Engineering Design Process
  • Integrates 21st Century Skills & Technology
  • More Than One Hands-On Solution
  • Review Feedback & Reflect on the Lesson

Alignment with the Curriculum

Integrates Sustainable Development Goals

STEM Related Career Connections