Welcome to SKOOL21

Welcome to SKOOL21! An education company based in Singapore, we’re transforming education by intertwining innovation, technology, and global perspectives. Together with USA,

we bring international excellence right into your classrooms. Our hands-on STEM projects and focus on Sustainable Development Goals create enriching learning experiences.

Join us in this exciting journey – let’s explore the future of learning and shape a sustainable world together.


Our vision at SKOOL21 is to pioneer a transformative educational journey, using innovation, technology, and global insights to empower students. We aspire to create an engaging learning environment that nurtures curiosity, enhances STEM competencies, and cultivates responsible global citizens. By harmonizing with the digital era, we aim to inspire and equip a generation ready to navigate and lead a sustainable future confidently


Our mission at SKOOL21 is to revolutionize education through our advanced STEM, Sustainability, and e-learning solutions.

In partnership with USA, we are committed to accred-iting schools and certifying teachers to uphold intern-ational standards of excellence. Through our curriculum, aligned with the Catalyst-2030 initiative, we strive to integrate Sustainable Development Goals into everyday learning.

Our hands-on STEM projects serve to reinforce academic learning and kindle curiosity. We endeavor to create learning experie-nces that resonate with today’s digital natives, shaping a future-forward generation.


Our Leadership

Mr Syed Munawar Shah, the esteemed CEO of SKOOL21, brings a wealth of 40 years of industry experience to his role, marking him as a distinguished leader in the education sector. His contributions span across various impactful positions, including Director of the SAARC Region for USA, a globally recognized authority in STEM education.

As a Member of Catalyst 2030, he plays a pivotal role in driving social change and innovating solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems. He is also the proud Founder and Chairman of the International Schooling Chain SPS College, a testament to his dedication to providing quality education.

Further extending his leadership, Mr Shah has served as the Chairman of PIQC for Quality Control, striving to ensure the highest standards of quality in organizations in different industries. 

In addition to his professional achievements, his philanthropic efforts shine through in his role as the Chairman of the Al-Fajar Foundation, which focuses on Thalassemia, revealing his commitment to making a difference in the world both within and outside the educational landscape.r 

Our History