Explore the fascinating world of STEM with our award-winning STEM DIY Workbook. Recognized as the “Best in STEM” by in 2022, this exceptional workbook provides a unique hands-on learning experience that brings the core principles of STEM to life.
Our STEM DIY Workbook features engaging projects that are meticulously  aligned with the core  learning objectives of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), UK National Curr-iculum, and the Common Core for Mathematics.

What sets our workbook apart is the global perspective it intro-duces. Each project is linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, connecting the learning process to real-world issues and fostering global citizenship.

Through this approach,  students not only learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics but also see how these disciplines can be used to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. The STEM DIY Workbook is not just about learning, it’s about preparing our young learners to be the problem-solvers of tomorrow

STEM DIY Workbook

Beginning from Grade 1, the workbook introduces young learners to the fundamentals of STEM in an engaging and interactive way. Each subsequent grade level expands upon the previous, challenging students with more complex projects and concepts while rein-forcing and building upon what they have already learned.

The STEM DIY Workbook aims to do more than just educate – it aims to inspire. By developing career literacy at an early stage, we aim to ignite the spark of curiosity and help students see the infinite possibilities that lie in the world of STEM. With the STEM DIY Work-book, we’re not just teaching – we’re shaping the innovators of tomorrow.

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals

Each project in the series is intricately linked with one or more of  these SDGs, demonstrating the realworld application of STEM concepts. Students are not merely absorbing academic know-ledge, but are also gaining an understanding of how this know-ledge can be employed to tackle global challenges.

This innovative approach allows learners to connect the dots between their classroom learning and the broader global context. They see firsthand how their work in science, tech-nology, engineering, and math can contribute to solutions for some of the world’s most pressing issues.


Curriculum Alignment

Praises for STEM DIY Workbook

Our STEM DIY Workbook Series has been widely praised for its engaging, hands-on approach to STEM education. Educators, students, and parents alike appreciate the innovative projects that make complex concepts accessible and exciting.

International Recognition

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. January 23rd, 2023 — Educational Research™ (SER) has recognized this year’s “Best In STEM” honorees to commemorate excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. SKOOl21’s STEM DIY Workbook scored within the top 99th percentile in the STEM / STEAM product category.

SER is a pioneer in pedagogical and andragogical quality assurance, issuing the first-ever set of digital STEM credentials over a decade ago —which recognize exemplary  advancements and contributions to the international movement.

To arrive at its most recent findings, Educational Research™ reviewed a
comprehensive selection of STEM / STEAM-designated products. The team’s res-earch included over 4,600 samples evaluated from Q1 2015 through the end of Q4 2022.

In keeping with SER’s commitment to conflict of interest-free, unbiased evaluations, Best In STEM is one of the few unsolicited recognition programs in which recipients are not required to pay to be featured. in serving as both the evaluating organization and the publisher, has  abstained from paid affiliate partnerships associated with this program.

About Educational Research™ (SER)  Founded in 2001, is the longest continually operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America.